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The Challenge

The problem as seen by most Headquarters and local House Corporations is that their chapter houses are in a continued state of decline due to deferred maintenance and under-capitalization. Additionally, Greek organizations have a significant number of rules and recommended procedures, but many groups struggle with manpower needs and budget constraints to be able to fully implement and oversee them. Volunteer House Corporations do not have the time or resources to implement repeatable, sustainable systems for the maintenance of their chapter house and the long-term well being of the Chapter. This is why we see alumni having to repeatedly start capital campaigns for major improvements and cyclical performance from chapters.

The Solution

S&T’s team has over 100 combined years of fraternity management experience with representatives who have served as undergraduate officers, alumni advisors, house corporation directors, and headquarters leadership. S&T has developed a proven system and service schedule to build the resources needed to first improve an organization and then carry it into the foreseeable future.

From maintenance, to accounting, to operational planning and payments, S&T Fraternity Management provides chapters the ability to achieve their full potential. S&T has a proven track record of achieving results for chapters - including in some cases increasing income by 50% in just two semesters, and increasing live-in membership by an average of 30%.

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“Now under the financial management of S&T the Charge has vastly improved its finances leading to a more stable brotherhood. It is a great time to be a brother at Delta Deuteron.”

Will Rosen, Charge Consultant, Theta Delta Chi


The primary focus of our individually tailored strategies is to provide Chapters and House Corporations the ability to run their houses profitably and with the resources to maintain and improve their organizations now and into the future.


Develop a business plan outlining goals for the physical and financial upkeep of the property and successful chapter operation.

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Oversee all day to day aspects of the organization. Manage collections, contracts, deposits, banking and bill pay.

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Provide an on site presence for property inspections and coordinating all necessary maintenance needs.

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Account reconciliation, cash flow statements, record keeping, and coordination of tax filing.

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Ensuring your property is compliant with all relevant municipal codes and fraternity regulations.

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Project Management

Design consultation and construction management for your major capital projects.

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We have developed preferential relationships with major financial institutions to help you secure new or restructure existing debt for capital needs.

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“S&T has done a great job in facilitating all aspects of the day-to-day operational and financial management of the DKE house. The fraternity would be in a very tough spot without their help.”

Gordon Bellis, DKE Alumni Board of Directors


We have managed more than 100 renovation projects ranging in budget from under $10,000 to over $1,000,000.

We believe that our management experience has provided us with a clear understanding of the needs and unique characteristics of Greek chapter houses. These particular needs require very specialized knowledge when undertaking a capital improvement project. Comparing our work to projects done by those unfamiliar with Greek facilities it is clear we have a better understanding of the design elements, materials needed, and project scope and cost. We feel very confident stating that through our project management we can provide you with a high-quality end product for less money than any standard option.

Below are a number of photo galleries providing examples of the various projects we have completed, some of which led to our receiving a Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association Award.

“Your experience and insight were extremely helpful. I especially liked several of the creative ideas that you had for upgrading the Chi Psi facilities in order to make the building more attractive to potential new members. This service is obviously long overdue!”

Bert Sandell, Chi Psi House Board


S&T was formed on the premise that fraternity management should not be the impossible endeavor that many perceive it to be. To that aim, we developed a structure of sustainable practices that can be implemented on campuses across the country. We have continued to develop and enhance our systems and procedures through years of successful operations. Constantly striving to find ways for our chapters to improve, we also routinely consult with leading service providers within the Greek community as well as fraternal headquarters staff and campus leaders. We have toured campuses across the country and are confident we have developed a plan that will benefit fraternal organizations at every level.

Our objective is to provide fraternities and sororities the capability of implementing their preferred practices while helping align the goals of the Chapter and Alumni Boards alike. This includes providing safe and compliant housing, reducing liabilities, increasing revenue (both from membership and alumni), and enhancing a Chapter’s public image.

“Your understanding of the fraternity situation led to a realistic solution that revolves around proper management, proper finances, and the ability to interact with the Brothers regarding responsible behavior and allowed us to reestablish our SAE Chapter…The results are in and each house that has followed in your footsteps now has a viable fraternity.”

Bill Rodgers, SAE House Corp.

Our Amazing Team

S&T’s team has over 100 years of fraternity management experience with members who have served as undergraduate officers, alumni advisors, house corporation directors, and headquarters leadership.

Martin Smith


Taylor Smith


Jacob Cramer


Reach out to one of us, and we’ll get your chapter on the path to success!

"After meeting with Martin and seeing his other work on campus, I was relieved that the KA Housing Corp. had chosen such a great individual who knows the Greek system like the back of his hand.”

James Roosevelt, KA Alumni Advisor

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