S&T Additional Services

In addition to our Core Services, we specialize in a number of services focused beyond the day to day operational aspects of a property.

Design & Construction Management

It is no secret that a chapter house has a large impact on a fraternal organization. From increased alumni support to advantages during recruitment, an updated and well-designed chapter house can be a huge positive influence on a chapter. Taking the right steps to get your property to this point, though, can be overwhelming and extremely costly without the proper information and planning.

Our management experience has provided us with a clear understanding of the needs and unique characteristics of Greek houses. Comparing our work to projects done by those unfamiliar with Greek facilities it is clear we have a superior understanding of the design elements, materials needed, and project scope and cost. We have managed more than 100 projects with budgets ranging from under $10,000 to over $1,000,000. In recognition of the quality of our work we have received a Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association Award. Based on all these factors we can very confidently state that through our design and construction management services we will provide you with a high-quality end product for less money than any standard option.

Debt Financing

Most groups have a wish list of major projects to complete but many don't have the capital available to begin. Capital campaigns are the traditional way to raise the necessary funds, but these take a huge amount of effort and can fatigue your alumni. An alternative is securing new or restructuring the existing debt on your property. Based on the in-depth financial information we create when working with an organization, our clients are able to take advantage of the preferential relationship we have established with major financial institutions to secure capital funding at highly competitive rates.

We will analyze your current cash flow in conjunction with your operating budget to establish safe and reasonable parameters for what amount of debt your property can handle. These parameters are then compared to your capital project wish list to create a firm understanding of what can realistically get accomplished so you can prioritize which projects to take on when.

Our management track record and prior loan proposal performance are two key factors in why several banks are so comfortable working with us. They trust and understand the information we provide in our proposals and consequently we have a perfect loan placement success rate. We have placed dozens of loans with a total value in the multi-millions of dollars.